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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 24, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3% said maybe. hang on i'll get you another quick football. here throw this one out. greta is next see you back here tomorrow night. throw! >> ready! >> sean: all right very nice! >> greta: this is a fox news alert. a killer whale kills it trainer at seaworld. horrified audience watches as the whale grabbed the woman and violently shook the woman underwater. you are looking at video taken moments before the whale killed the woman. there are conflicting reports about the . the sheriff's office says the trainer may have slipped or fallen into the whale's tank. witnesses contradict the account. they report the whale jumped out of water and dragged the woman under water. this killer whale has been involved in two other human deaths. we have a breaking news report on this story minutes from now. first, we are hours away. it starts tomorrow morning. president obama's guests arrive and the cameras are going to start rolling. griff jenkins is on the story.
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>> reporter: the much anticipated bipartisan white house health care summit will take place at the blair house. the meeting will begin at 10 a.m. and last roughly until 4 p.m.. the blair house sits across the street from the white house. this is pennsylvania avenue. the blair house is the official guest house of the president. houses heads of state and vip's when they are in town. the purpose of this meeting to air an open bipartisan discussion of care reform to get democrats and republicans to coll together on legislation they can all support and pass. it is sizing up to be as much political theater if you look at criticism directed at it and the amount of detail in planning for this televised meeting. we asked to speak with someone in the white house directly involved with the planning. they declined. here's what we know. the president, vice president and secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius will lead the discussion around four themes:
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controlling cost. insurance reform. reducing deficit. expanding coverage. in attendance will be the leadership for both parties. you will see house -- speaker of the house nancy pelosi. senate majority leader harry reid. for the republicans senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and house minority leader john boehner. all of those folks being allowed to invite four or more guests. for the republicans you will see senator mccain for the democrats senator max baucus who led the health care agenda in the senate. one of the sticking points no governors are being allowed. they made a lot of noise over that but it doesn't look like that is going to change. today staffers for that leadership came to the blair house for an official walk-through to see where their bosses would sit at tables to see their name tags and learn they will be served lunch. we tried to speak with some of those staffers. one told me, "no chance in
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hell i'm gonna talk to you." the walk through, how did it go? you staffers can you tell us about the walk-through, how did it go? any comments on how the walk through went? i think is indicator of how tight lipped this meeting is and how much is riding on it. another indication of the value of this meeting, president obama will sit in for the entire meeting. all six hours or more to try and shepard through what he considers his top agenda. only time will tell what it will produce. >> greta: republican senator judd gregg has his own plan for health care. is he going to show it to the president tomorrow? not exactly. earlier he went on the record. senator, the president has said he wants a plan from republicans. republicans put one online in november.
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you also have a plan. when did you come up with your plan? how does it differ from the president's? >> we came up with ours i'm losing track of time, about last may. basically i put it out there in the public domain. sent it down to the white house when i first introduced it or introduced the concepts. a couple weeks ago i sent it down again. because the president said i would like ideas. >> greta: what form? >> an outline form. >> greta: in a letter? >> a letter with an attachment. very comprehensive proposal. creates what i think major movement towards getting our health care system towards being more inclusive so everybody would have access to insurance catastrophic. aggressively promotes prevention and healthy lifestyles. thirdly, aggressively promotes getting providers to deliver health care services on the basis of quality rather than repetition, quantity and
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having cost less health care. >> greta: what is the difference between the -- your proposal and the president's that he posted the other day? >> one he posted the other day was an addendum to the senate bill. you can look at it separate from the senate bill. mine uses the private sector. mine is not a massive expansion in the size of government. the president's is about 2.5 trillion dollar increase that's what the senate's bill ends up being. mine uses the marketplace to incentivize people to be effective in the delivery of health care and control costs. >> greta: i would use the wore interesting if it weren't so serious. the president has said, that he has not heard from the republicans on a proposal. that apparently is not so. as he responded -- has he responded to your proposal? >> a couple of discussions my staff with his staff and myself with the chief of staff on this proposal.
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>> greta: they've had it, heard it, considered it, probably didn't like it. >> didn't make it past the cutting room. get are you going tomorrow? >> no. >> greta: were you invited? >> my leadership asked whether i would be interested in participating? i said, well if i can present my ideas, i will be. as a practical matter it is probably not the best forum for me. >> greta: why weren't wouldn't you be able to present your ideas if the president said he wants to hear from people? >> i have to be honest i think there's going to be a kabuki dance tomorrow. i know everybody is gonna make their position clear and state words that everybody says about being positive and constructive and we all want to be working to the. in the end i think we are headed towards an exercise in reconciliation here. >> greta: we are hearing a lot about that right now. there is nothing to reconcile at this point, is that right? >> that's the point. we are hearing that they wanna run a reconciliation bill
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through the senate. which would reconcile the senate bill that hasn't passed yet. reconciliation is a term of art it means you change the law to adjust spending or taxes which already exist in the law. if the senate bill hasn't been passed yet how do you reconcile it? that's the proposal floated around. >> greta: there's controversy over the use of reconciliation. >> there should be this is a railroading of system. saying no amendments 20 hours of debate we are going to pass the most significant piece of public policy in my life experience, massive rewrite of our health care system huge expansion of the government, intrusion into the private sector a lot of people will lose their private insurance. >> greta: do you expect reconciliation means that it doesn't get a 60 vote, only 51. >> 20 hours of debate, no amendments are debated. there can be amendments offered at the end they get
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one minute of debate and you have an up or down vote for 51 votes. the purpose of reconciliation is to adjust the budget numbers to correct inconsistencies between spending and what your budget says. >> greta: one of the things i've heard is the democrats say the republicans have done it better and the say the democrats have done it before. on the issue of reconciliation have the republicans done anything remotely similar? not that should be an excuse to change procedures now. you are probably guilty of shoveing it down someone's threat in an area that shouldn't be subject to reconciliation? >> not in my opinion. reconciliation has been used three times, twice in a bipartisan way. once on tax reductions that president bush put in place. you have to remember that's adjusting rates. adjusting rates is a fairly clean event as far as the policy and what the issues are
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and the language is simple i'm going to raise this rate, lower that rate. we're talking now about changing the entire way that health care is delivered in this country. we are talking about taking the federal government growing from it 20% of the economy to 25, 26% of the economy. changing the way you and your doctor interact and you and your hospital treats you. these are huge public policy issues which are way outside the reconciliation concept. because they need debate, discussion and subject to amendments on the floor of the senate. in order to do them correctly or have a proper airing and a fair treatment. >> greta: are you gonna watch tomorrow? >> well we've got chairman bernanke before the committee i serve on up here. so i may be listening to the chairman bernanke but i'll tune in. >> greta: maybe tivo. thank you senator. tonight's run-down is
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jam-packed. in two minutes a congressman who called the summit a sham-wow infomercial. what does that mean? he's going to tell you. >> we never thought we would be saying this, but rush limbaugh got spanked live on his radio show. it is who spanked rush that will stun you maybe the most. it is weird. we have that tape coming up, back in two. for every investor.
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♪ it's the magic friskies makes happen. ♪ ♪ every day. ♪ in so many ways. ♪ friskies. feed the senses. ♪ . get republican congressman thaddeus mcconnell says the summit is a sham-wow infomercial and republicans should not go. why? let's ask him. what is a sham-wow infomercial where did you get that? >> we keep hearing it is going to be a stage production and the public knows it.
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to bring attention to the fact it is not a real summit, not a real negotiation going on unfortunate misuse of congressional time and energy the phrase sham-wow came to mind because it is a popular product sold on an infomercial. >> greta: you think it is an infomercial. you think republicans should boycott it, am i right? >> democrats should too. rasmussen has a poll that shows only 21% of americans think they are being governed with their consent. >> greta: what does that mean? i didn't get that i read it from something you wrote. >> it means the people -- the cynicism about their representative institutions functions as their rans trying to do the right thing and go forward. they think the politicians and government has a special interest. what they are afraid of is more politicking, posturing, preening as opposed to agreeing if not, get to the issue of the economy or something where you can agree.
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within the paradigm of this sham-wow summit you have two views of how health care should be done they can't be papered over, can't be taking apart over here and sprinkled on to a bill you disagree with everybody knows that >> greta: so give up? >> no, but don't have a sham-wow infomercial and tell the public is going to do anything except -- >> greta: everyone has been accusing everybody else of things. republicans say democrats won't let them participate, democrats say the republicans are the party of no. it is supposed to be transparent everything is being done behind closed doors. nobody is talking to anybody. i talk to democrats, , they seem nice and interested. i don't get the sense that anybody is talking. at least now they are saying talk to each other. maybe there is something that can be accomplished. maybe not. at least talk to each other for once. >> there are a lot of thing as that people in congress wg
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there are great friendships that are built up and things get done. the problem we have is this is one where there are fundamentally principled s. one of the things you do you can have fundamental disagreements with trends. the beauty is congress has a fundamental disagreement there's an election that can settle that >> greta: or compromise. i'm not suggesting this should be compromised that's something people should talk about. this is life or death. republicans say we want reform. democrats say we want reform. they don't seem to talk to each other. maybe there is some common ground. maybe we can get improvement. >> one needs a common principle and gel to achieve a compromise on some issues obviously congress has that on this you have two diametrically opposed on what it should look like. the other is we need a free market, patient centered system that will reduce cost
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and expand coverage those are divergent and can't be bridged or papered over with not something [ talking over each other ] >> greta: suppose the republicans did it and everybody boycott, president obama dines alone tomorrow. how does this play out? >> i think what we've seen for 14 months the republican party is not the problem. we've been the distinct minority. voters did not like how we governed they punish ed us. democrats had control until the election of scott brown. the reason health care isn't passing is the public [ talking over each other ] >> greta: what would happen? >> the first step weather the democrats are going to look and see do we want to operate on a principle based on centrist democrats, centrist republicans all keep hearing from the public is deal with specific items in a helpful way that you can agree on as opposed to a different of opinion over a massive
10:17 pm
comprehensive reform or targeted an mealive steps to make sure people get better health care. >> greta: are you going to watch tomorrow? >> no i'm going to sign constituent letters. >> watch a hockey game i got to work tomorrow. >> greta: you are going to sign letters and not watch? >> it part of my office. -- it is part of my job. >> greta: thank you. in two minutes are democrats hypocrites about the nuclear option are republicans the ones to blame or both? we report you decide. crazy news about a whale who killed its trainer at seaworld this killer whale has a killing past. we have that report.
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>> greta: this is a fox news alert. killer whale kills its trainer at seaworld. wofl reporter kelly joyce joins us live. what is the latest? >> reporter: we have just learned from seaworld officials that they do not believe that this trainer fell into the water. they believe she was pulled in by the killer whale and held under and that's how she died. we know more about who she as well as this whale that has a violent past. >> greta: this is an experienced trainer? why was she standing where she
10:21 pm
was standing? was she attempting to feed the animal, train the animal, why was she there? >> reporter: some of the video we home video from people who were there, you can see her splashing water on the whale, almost in ing it to do trick -- almost encouraging her to do tricks and splash the crowd. she was very close to the whale. i asked one of the seaworld officials if they are supposed to be swimming with them what type of safety precautions they have? he told me they would be looking into that and would not comment further on what happen. >> greta: do they say they think she drowned or was she somehow injured by the whale? >> reporter: right now they are saying the official cause of death is drowning. they are going to wait for the me's report. homicide detectives are looking into this right now they are saying it appears she drowned. he pulled her under and held her under for a long period of time. >> greta: is that something,
10:22 pm
this is not in your area or my area, is that characteristic of a whale playing? i don't know enough about whales. horribly tragic thing people watching certainly for the trainer who probably loved this whale. >> reporter: they tell is a dangerous job this is still a wild animal. she knew the whale well. they a tight-knit group that knew all of these and mels well and them very much. they knew this whale could be possibly dangerous. he's responsible for a death in british columbia that happened in 1991, a trainer there drowned. also in 1999 right here a guy hid out in the park after hours and jumped in to go swimming with the whales and was found on top of the same whale the next morning by people here. they knew the whale was dangerous. they safety precautions in place for people to stay away from this whale somewhat. so there's a lot of questions to be answered. >> greta: kelly, thank you very much.
10:23 pm
funny how things change. some democrats want to use reconciliation known as the nuclear option to push through a health care bill with 51 votes. years ago when it came to republicans using reconciliation, many democrats were singing a different tune. >> nuclear option is ultimately an example of the arrogance of power. it is a fundamental power grab. >> no, we are not going to follow the senate rules, no. because of the are tkpwafpbs of power of -- of the arrogance of power of this republican administration. >> what i worry about, you essentially have two chambers the house and senate, but you have simply majoritarian absolute power on either side. >> greta: rick santorum joins us live.
10:24 pm
fox news alert there may be hypocrisy on both sides. >> definitely. >> greta: on both sides. >> look, the clips that you were showing on the nuclear option democrats were trying to use the filibuster in a place it had never been used before. they were trying to extend the filibuster. now what they are complaining about is republicans are using the filibuster for what it has been used for, for years and years. it is, in my mind, democratic hypocrisy not republican hypocrisy. >> greta: in general, maybe on unrelated issues they are caught with their pans down accuse each other of things. >> i'll give the democrats this. they say reconciliation has been used over and over by republicans on things that were not intended for reconciliation, pass in the budget act of 1974. if you would go back and ask the people would they envision it would be used for the purposes republicans used it,
10:25 pm
they would say no in that respect there's probably hypocrisy on both sides. every time republicans used the reconciliation procedure, to get around the 60 vote majority, they used it on things that were wildly popular from the american public like tax cuts, welfare reform. not for things that were 25% in the polls. >> greta: here's the things i don't get. senate majority leader harry reid, whether he's truly helping the president. he said the president posts his program, his proposal on the internet and you could look at it here's his wish list this is a starting point this is where i wanna go. the next thing we hear the senator talking reconciliation, which means this thing tomorrow is a sham because no matter what happens tomorrow they are going to use this option. it almost sounds like senator harry reid is trying to sabotage the president. >> you can't think of a worse
10:26 pm
pr move. >> greta: deliberate? >> i can't imagine they would be doing this without the white house consent. that's the thing that is mine boggling. >> greta: this -- this doesn't help the president. it makes it sound like the fix is in. >> the fix is in. >> greta: why do you wand to publicize it? >> the president wants to get republicans in front of the cameras with him showing he's bigger than everybody else. he's being the unifier. he wants that visual. once gets that visual they are going to trapl try to ram this through. >> greta: if that's true. it makes him look bad going into tomorrow. saying no matter what happens we are going to ram it through. it almost seems like senator reid and the democrats never should have done it to the president. >> lack of leadership and -- these people can't shoot straight, he can't get
10:27 pm
anything done and they are blaming and they run this town. they can't shoot straight here's another example. >> greta: thank you. they went to a town hall what do they want from tomorrow's health care summit. the hottest tape making the biggest headlines. plus, rush limbaugh getting spanked. president obama talking socialism and a guy in a swimsuit stuck on a cliff. how can you miss that? stay right here. host: could swo really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: does charlie daniels play a mean fiddle? ♪ fiddle music
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. >> greta: okay tonight we have four very special guests. they went to town halls. health care means a lot to them. the question is, what do they want from tomorrow's health care summit? let's ask. first up california at a town hall small business owner catherine gave congressman an earful. >> the problem i have is that both sides of the political aisle have tried to put ref formation on health care out there for years and nobody has done anything until today. and now it is being rammed down our throats! i have contacted your office in the past when i've opposed anything and i get back the standard e-mail that says thank you for your support! that's a bunch of bull.
10:31 pm
catherine joins us live. how do you feel now and what do you expect and want tomorrow? >> hi, greta. how do you feel now? right now i feel just as fired up as i was the night that i spoke. what i really want and what i'm looking for and millions are still looking for is that tomorrow the republicans go into this health care summit. they take the time to sit down and to meet with in president and the democrats and they show their leadership. they show that they are the party that are still full of conservative values, fiscally conservative representatives. in the end they will continue to drive home the message that they have heard loud and clear from the american people, that we want true cost saving measures done we it comes to health care reform. in essence, obama care is dead. we know that washington knows that. this may be a last-ditch attempt but, it may be way for
10:32 pm
the add and the democrats to say let's blame the republicans again but throw it away. we can't get it forced through. that would be my hope. i think by the same token we are still going to be faced with the same notion that here we have a man who is truly the most powerful man in the free world, with the stroke of a pen he could do things like tort reform. we could address malpractice and take a look at the fact that doctors and hospitals are actually practicing defensive medicine. that would be a cost saving measure. he could look at opening up competition across state lines. again, that would be a cost saving measure that's what the public is looking for. >> greta: i want to remind viewers they may not remember you are a small business owner, owning a bakery. do you intend to watch tomorrow? >> well, i'll actually be in my bakery working. i've tried to figure out how i might watch. i may sneak out for a while
10:33 pm
and see if i can watch at home. i need to see some of it. i plan to watch, when he can i will definitely be engaged. this is important to me right now. >> greta: catherine, thank you very much. we know, you remember this one. congresswoman sheila jackson lee caught on tape using her cell phone while being asked a question in a town hall in texas. >> [ inaudible ] >> greta: tracy miller skopbgd woman lee that question. tracy joins us live. are you feeling differently as we are on the eve of tomorrow's summit? do you still feel fired up about health care?
10:34 pm
are you satisfied we are on the right path? >> i feel fired up. i want to see tomorrow our president come and do what he said that he was gonna do on super bowl sunday and come with a clean slate and not a proposal that is boiler plate of the house and senate bill. i want to see fresh ideas from the republicans. i know there's good ideas out there. i want to see some strong words from the republicans. and i wanna see these ideas put forward about allowing the states to solve health care problems at the state level. to increase competition across state lines. and allow small businesses trade organizes and individuals to pull together to purchase affordable health care. >> greta: are you planning to watch tomorrow? >> yes. i'll be watching tomorrow.
10:35 pm
i'm really concerned, because i don't want more bureaucracy between the doctors and the patients. >> greta: what do you make of this dissention in washington? do you see this as a healthy, good, strong debate or do you think the fix is in? how are you looking at this process? >> well, i look at things from a constitutional perspective. i don't think it is the government's role to solve every grievance of the american people particular situation, i think it's gonna be a political circus tomorrow. it's just, you know more made for tv. >> greta: we're gonna see. we are only hours from the summit that we've all been waiting for. tracy thank you and good luck. >> you're welcome, thanks. >> greta: dana is also a tea party organizer. >> they are the ones who
10:36 pm
decided to -- [ inaudible ] they are the ones who decided to shut out debate in the house of representatives. [ inaudible ] >> greta: dana engines us live from the nationwide tea party coalition. the question is not what do you want to happen tomorrow. what do you expect is going to happen? >> hi greta thanks for having me back. what i think is gonna happen is, your previous guest said this is a sham-wow infomercial. i would say this is a monty python skit a staring contest. i don't believe anything is going to be solved. i don't see how anything could be solved. republicans want a clean slate. democrats don't want to give them a clean slate. they want to use a piece of legislation that has been rotting in congress since sum per. i don't think that -- i honestly don't think anything is going to come of this. i think it is nothing more than the president trying to
10:37 pm
command dear this for a photo-op. i hope the gop holds the conservative line and demands there be tort reform. i hope they hold the line and say we don't need and mandate. when they do, the support the will follow. i don't expect anything to happen from this. >> greta: do have you come across anybody who has a different view of what -- people come up and said tomorrow given a chance it might work. have you come across any of that? >> oh yeah. that's fine people can be very optimistic. i think the entire beginning of this discussion tomorrow, the premise is entirely faulty because it is inherently assuming the democrats have the right plan because that's the one they are using as their jumping off point. the republicans before they can find any common ground with the democrats must agree to that starting point. that can't happen. because of that i see no way out. >> greta: five seconds, you
10:38 pm
gonna watch tomorrow? >> of course i am. absolutely. >> greta: dana, thank you. katie able brahm went head-to-head with senator -- katie able brahm went head-to-head with senator specter in pennsylvania. >> you have awakened a sleeping giant. we are tired of this. this is why everybody in this room is so pissed off, i don't want this country turning into russia, turning into [ inaudible ] >> greta: katie joins us live. what do you want to -- what do you think is going to happen tomorrow? >> i have to conquer with the other ladies on the show. i think it is a big dog and pony show that is going to happen tomorrow. i think it is a photo-op for president obama. i don't think anything productive is going to come out of that two sides have two different views and they have
10:39 pm
just been butting heads. >> greta: is there anything president obama could do that you would find -- something would you approve of or would you hope he would do? >> i would like him to point out the fact that this is unconstitutional. they are looking to mandate every citizen in the united states to be a citizen needs to own insurance. that amazes me. he was an attorney. he knows the constitution. he should realize this. another thing i think when he addressed congress a couple months ago and was explaining about the health care bill and what it was going to do and possibilities of things he might do. he stated he would look into the idea of trying out tort reform and some other things and it hasn't happen. i would request him to stick to his word. >> greta: what are your plans for tomorrow, are you going to watch? >> yeah it should be interesting. >> greta: you are going to
10:40 pm
watch all six hours? >> on and off, i got a 4-year-old we'll see. >> greta: how about your friends? are you a lone wolf? are your friends going to watch? >> i doubt my friends are going to be watching. most of my friends are stay at home moms. a lot of them aren't in tune with what is going on with this whole thing. there's a lot to swallow with what is going on in this bay. basically, with a lot of people, we just want our country back. we don't want the government infringing on every continuing that we have going on. they've messed up medicare. they've messed up social security. i never plan on seeing those, i'm 36-years-old. >> greta: katie, thought -- thank you. a special programming note those four guests will be back tomorrow night. we'll find out if they think our leaders delivered. next the president brings up the "s" word socialism. we'll show you the tape. plus video that you have to
10:41 pm
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>> greta: there's much more ahead. but first to new york for the headlines. >> reporter: the senate passing a one year extension forces patriot act. key parts of the act were set to expire the end of the month some court approved wiretapping seizure of records and property and surveillance would no longer be possible. the senate deciding not to add new privacy protection. implemented after 9/11 the measure moving on to the house. major winter storm expected to bring blizzard conditions to parts of new england, beginnings of nor'easter hours away could bring record snowfalls. 30 inches of snow possible across upstate new york, vermont, new hampshire and maine. kick dead weather behind another storm -- wicked
10:45 pm
weather behind another storm thousands losing power from pennsylvania up to maine. i'm ainsley earhardt. we return to on the record with greta van susteren. thanks for watching fox, have a good one! >> greta: president obama tells business leaders my policies are not socialist. >> the president: we've arrived in a juncture in our politics where reasonable efforts to update regulations or make basic investments in our future are greeted with cries of government take over or socialism. get pet is the president right? we report -- get is the president right? we report, you decide. what are they, are his policies in your view socialism or headed in that direction? >> it was interesting in his talk today he said i don't believe in socialism, i don't believe in government takeovers, i'm not anti-business. almost like you expect him to
10:46 pm
say i'm not a crook. if you look at his policies the reason he's being accused of these things, look at major industries, take overs of the insurance industry. health care industry, banks, car companies. i think you could make a reasonable case that the president has lurched us towards socialism. i'm not saying he's a socialist but the policies. >> greta: what is the policy, like fishing policy catch and release because we are in this catastrophic economic situation we takeover these industry and as soon as we get them viable we get out. catch and release. if we get out, i assume that changes everything. >> it does. the scenario you laid out is what has happened with the banks. almost all the banks that tarp money, i think only citi hasn't paid back their tarp money. i'm not so optimistic about the car companies. we could be looking at
10:47 pm
[ talking over each other ] >> greta: we all know toyota >> the reason that congressmen went after toyota so much because the government owns general motors because want people to buy general motors' cars not toyota. could you could be looking for 10, 20 years the government runs the car companies. >> greta: last year showing up at the er was 20 million dollars of people getting emergency room medicine who didn't have health insurance of that 20 million got reimbursed, the hospitals got reimbursed 18 million, got reimbursed five, which meant a 13 million dollar deficit someone has to pick up. to what extent, is the health care policy designed to meet the needs of that? socialism or real economic need because these hospitals can't keep enduring 13 million dollar losses every year or the state either. >> you have put your finger on the problem what is their function? to be a profit-making
10:48 pm
institution or to serve the people? >> greta: or survive! >> and survival. my point would be maybe this is one of the problems right now. 50% of our health care system run by government, 50% by private sector. you can say 50% socialist, 50% free enterprise system. a lot of times hospitals are put in tough situations. the good news about our hospitals and delivery system people are not generally denied care. >> greta: that is not the problem if you don't have insurance. if you have insurance you are probably going to your doctor. if you don't have insurance you end up at the er that's much more expensive. is some sort of policy health carry -- health care policy designed to give health insurance instead of going to the more expensive hospital they go to the walk in center these schemes to address that many some may call it
10:49 pm
socialism somebody might say it is good business because they are drowning in the other stuff. >> studies have found if you can charge people $20 for an emergency room visit you cut didn't the over utilization of emergency rooms. co-payments so people have to pay for some of the health care, has a positive impact on people's utilization and cut costs. >> greta: we all would like to talk to each other and try to figure out instead of drawing a line in the sand. are you going to watch tomorrow? >> i'll be watching. >> greta: i'm going to watch. i'm very excited. i'm going to watch every second of it, i think. >> i hope the president has an olive branch to the . because the plan he put together the other day doesn't have much the republicans are in favor of. >> greta: steve, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: steve's favorite part of the show. the best of the rest. one president tells another
10:50 pm
president to go to hell. that can't be good. why is this guy standing on a cliff wearing only a swimsuit? at least he has a swimsuit on, right? there has to be a story to this, there is you are going to find out. nature knows just how much water vegetables need. so, to turn those vegetables into campbell's condensed soup, we don't boil it down, our chefs just add less water from the start. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪ this is the card that bought the saw... that cut the lumber... that built the extra space i needed to store more produce... that she sold to me
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10:53 pm
>> greta: here is the very best of the rest. it really doesn't get better than this when it comes to politicians. with tomorrow's summit hours away here's the story from another summit that will make you laugh. in cancun, mexico, venezuelan president chavez and columbian president uribe got into a 7th grade spat. first uribe called chavez a coward and told him to be a man.
10:54 pm
chavez told uribe to go to hell. yikes! the good news is any trouble in tomorrow's summit will be live on tv. after drinking do not climb out on a cliff. after a night of the partying this sky in australia scaled down the bottom of the cliff to watch the sunrise. only wearing a swimsuit the drunk man stuck more than 300 feet above the ocean. apparently he was not too stressed out he did fall asleep on the ledge. rescue workers used a helicopter to reach the man. they woke the stranded climber and pulled him to safety. simple message, just say no to smoking. nothing controversial, right? not always. anti-teen smoking nadempalli france causing a huge uproar. the slogan is: to smoke is to be a slave to tobacco. you can see the picture in the ad are sexually suggestive. critics say the ad goes too far. the makers of the ad say they
10:55 pm
want to show children smoking is naive and submissive. in france 25% of 18-year-olds are daily smokers. will this ad help fix the problem? we report, you decide. there you have it, the best of the rest. still aide h my very favorite rush limbaugh spank. live on air, don't believe us? we will prove it, next you've got to see this video. there you go, see a little bit. unbelievable. hi, folks. how are you doing?
10:56 pm
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>> greta: rush limbaugh getting spanked. >> i'm partially responsible for the fact republicans have not changed in 20 years. very not done enough to... steer the republicans in the right direction. that many of you think i'm just a lap dog for the republicans. i'm just going to do what i know many of you would like to do to meechl i'm going to stand up. you watching on the cam this will be a treat for you. here we go. standing up. and now... putting microphone near my rear end. i'm going to spank myself. for not making republicans do the right thing. haha... >> i'm doing that tomorrow night. what can we say about that now? we're closing down shop. o'reilly


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